Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)


House Democrats launch investigation into alleged political interference in CDC reports

The report on hydroxychloroquine was published last week after it was held up for months, Politico reported. The Food and


Trump advisor tied to efforts to downplay COVID-19 not on McMaster's payroll, university says

Article in favour of hydroxychloroquine. His publications this year include “COVID-19 coronavirus research has overall low methodology quality thus far: …

Bureaucrats 'deny the evidence, Hydroxychloroquine reduces death by 73 per cent': Craig Kelly

Liberal MP Craig Kelly says studies have shown a 73 per cent reduction rate in mortality where Hydroxychloroquine was dispensed

No Data Maintained On Fatalities Amongst Healthcare Workers: Govt

He said that the healthcare workers were also provided with hydroxychloroquine for prophylaxis and prevention of infection. N-95 masks and

155 Healthcare Staff, Including 64 Doctors, Died Due to Covid-19 as on Sept 11, Says Govt

The healthcare workers were provided with hydroxychloroquine for prophylaxis and prevention of infection, he said. N95 masks and triple/double ply …

El Centro doctor used Hydroxychloroquine as treatment for COVID-19 patients

Numerous rigorous tests of hydroxychloroquine, including a large one from Britain and one led by the National Institutes of Health,