COVID-19 Studies


An early study in human cells found that an antiviral drug candidate, Pfizer Inc.'s PF-00835231 …

This protease cuts up precursors into working proteins necessary for the reproduction of pandemic virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus …


UCSD Researchers Discover Carbohydrate In Lungs That COVID-19 Uses To Infect

Since January, researchers have known that the novel coronavirus primarily uses a molecule known as ACE2 — which sits like

Vitamin D may help in Covid-19 fight, studies show

At least one overseas study has associated vitamin D deficiency with a higher risk of Covid-19. Published in medical journal

FUJIFILM Sonosite & the CHEST Foundation Partner for COVID-19 Research

Although early studies report that POCUS is providing numerous benefits to intensive care clinicians caring for COVID-19 patients, additional research …

Hundreds of Utahns take part in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — Hundreds in Utah have already gotten a coronavirus vaccine, as part of clinical trials. The

COVID-19-related stigma and its' influencing factors: a rapid nationwide study in China

Background:COVID-19 poses a significant challenge to global public health. During the pandemic, COVID-19 patients and people in outbreak … Source: COVID-19-related